This page serves as the official disclaimer for Safeguarding Today Ltd and Safeguarding Today Online Ltd regarding the training courses offered on our platform. By accessing, using, or enrolling in any of our courses, you acknowledge and accept the terms and limitations set forth in this disclaimer.

Scope of Training Courses

Safeguarding Today Ltd and Safeguarding Today Online Ltd provide training courses that are grounded in the latest legislation and statutory guidance. The content, materials, and information conveyed through our training are designed to educate and inform participants on best practices in safeguarding.

No Legal Advice

It is imperative to understand that our training courses should not be interpreted as offering legal counsel or advice. Individuals or organisations in need of specific legal guidance should directly engage with a qualified solicitor or Direct Access Barrister.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Safeguarding Today Ltd nor Safeguarding Today Online Ltd will be held accountable for:

  • The application or use of training within a client’s institution.
  • The individual application of the training by participants in their respective professional capacities.
  • Any losses, damages, or adverse events that might arise due to deficient safeguarding practices within any client establishment.

Responsibility of Implementation

The responsibility of translating the knowledge and insights from our training courses into practical application rests squarely with the individual learners and their respective organisations. It remains incumbent upon these entities to establish, uphold, and routinely review robust safeguarding procedures, ensuring the safety and welfare of all stakeholders.


This disclaimer is meant to provide clarity about the scope and limitations of our training courses. For any further queries or concerns related to our courses or this disclaimer, please reach out to our team.

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Date: 28th August 2023

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